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If your company needs a zinc plating service and if it is located anywhere in San Jose or Morgan Hill in California then visiting GMP Plating Inc. could be an intelligent decision to make. It is the largest metal plating company in Northern California providing top quality services to many clients particularly in the automobile industry.

Zinc Plating Process and Purpose

Zinc plating is an imperative tool applied to steel or metal to address the problem of corrosion. The process includes immersion of clean metal or steel in zinc salt solution called electrolytic application because it involves application of electric current.

More zinc plating benefits:

  • produces output that is excellent in ductility and paint adhesion;
  • reduces cooling costs as treated metals can tolerate temperature up to 120?F;
  • provides good passivation and that includes a good quality blue finish;
  • gives no risks to the environment as the process does not include using of cyanide;
  • generates a more nearly frictionless finish;
  • it is a reliable and easy to manage process

Zinc Plating Colors

Zinc plating can produce finish in various colors. Some of them are the following:

  • Zinc Gold Passivate this is the most common type and is particularly used in automotive parts finishing. It has a high level of resistance to corrosion.
  • Blue Zinc (also called as 'clear zinc') this kind of zinc plating is often produced from tri-valent processes which is more safe to the environment and processors. However, this type offers lower resistance property to corrosion.
  • Black zinc this type offers lower than gold resistance property against corrosion but definitely better than clear passivate.
  • Acid zinc the process does not use cyanide for this type. One advantage of this (over the other types) is that it produces a finish in bright color. Another is, it offers a lower level of embrittlement or a loss of ductility of materials.

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