Sheet Metal Anodizing

While sheet metal plating is the process used to apply coating on a thin and flat substrate, sheet metal anodizing is used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide on the surface of a sheet metal material. The system is meant to improve material's corrosion and wear resistance, durability as it resists dents and scratches as well as the aesthetics.


In general, sheet metal anodizing is carried out with the following process:

Step 1: Wrought alloys are cleaned by either through the use of a solvent bath or in a hot soak cleaner; they may be etched in sodium hydroxide or brightened in a mix of acids. The cleaning process is recommended in order to remove impurities, particularly the inter-metallic substances.

Step 2: The passing of a direct current through an electrolytic solution on the surface of the substrate causes the outer layer to grow; the action of the electrons leaving the circuit through the metal part makes a tough, corrosion resistant coating to build up.

Step 3: Further treatment may be carried out to enhance the 'aesthetic' feature of the finish product (e.g. decorative dyes) as well as other procedure for a more improved performance.

Step 4: The sealing process is aimed to close the pores in the anodic substrate, which is essential to give the surface resistance to staining, abrasion, crazing, and color degradation.

Applications in the industry

Anodized materials are used in a number of applications in the industry and some of these include highly durable exterior for roofs, ceilings, escalators, floors, staircases, and other typical architectural applications.

Computer chassis anodizing

Electronic materials such as those that can be found inside a system unit of your personal computer need to be protected most especially the components that are sensitive to external environment. An anodized chassis (also known as casing) can be a great help in providing such needed protection this is an example of sheet metal anodizing in a practical application.

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