Metal Plating Services in San Jose, Morgan Hill California

Metal Plating services in Bay Area are critical for all the technology companies in Silicon Valley Bay Area. Finding the right metal plating company for the right job could be challenging sometimes. Especially if you need to get the job done quick, but also require high quality standard. Please consider GMP Plating Inc. be your partner for all your metal plating, zinc plating services.

GMP Plating is recognized as the largest metal plating company in Northern California. To be more specific, the company provides the following metal plating services in San Jose and to clients based in Morgan Hill:

Zinc Plating service

Zinc plating in San Jose is popular most especially to clients in the computer industry. Zinc has this property that resists oxidation and corrosion well. This is helpful to computer chassis as they are made from metal materials that are prone to rusting under cold room temperatures.

Aluminum Anodizing Service

Another popular service offered by the company is aluminum anodizing . The process involves metal treatment called electrolytic passivation that is aimed to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. As a result, the treated metal becomes more resistant to corrosion.

Chemical Film Service

The company also provides chemical film service. Its purpose is mainly for the protection of aluminum and aluminum alloys from corrosion. It is a chromate conversion and is also being used as primer for paint adhesion.

Why GMP Plating Inc. is popular

Apart from giving top quality metal plating services to its clients, the company is well-known for its capacity to deliver fast turn around (within 24 hours)with FREE delivery and pickup within the Bayarea. Contact GMP Plating today.

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