Machining Parts Anodizing

The machining parts manufacturing sector is another industry segment that is benefiting from anodizing. Considered to be one of the safest metal finishing processes - because it is environment-friendly - machining parts anodizing helps improve materials from wear and tear - the most common problem - and provide better adhesion for paint primers and glues.

The following are some machining parts where anodizing is applied:

  • Insulations plates, which are used in various machine applications; helpful in heat retarding, flame resisting, etc.
  • Any Sliding parts such as sliding head automats, which are useful in automotive, industrial, and machine tool applications
  • Gears such as spur gears used in a variety of machine applications, including their use in aircraft engines.
  • Hinges such as those that are used in sewing machines, doors, and furniture.
  • Metal fasteners such as screws, bolts, nuts, and washers
  • Pistons used in automobile and other automotive machining applications
  • Valves used in various machine applications, including hydraulic, pneumatic, and motor
  • Swivel joints used in a broad range of applications particularly in chemical, refining, distilling, brewing machine applications.

Anodizing can be applied to the following type of materials:

  • Aluminum - commonly used in various components of motor vehicles, including exterior panels of aerospace vehicles, electronic products.
  • Magnesium - anodizing substrates of this type helps primarily as a primer for paint.
  • Titanium - anodized Titanium materials are commonly used in dental implants.

Machining parts hard anodizing

Compared to regular anodizing, machining parts hard anodizing is more expensive due to increased energy requirements involved with the process. This particular process includes penetrating the base metal as much as it builds up on the surface of the substrate; thus, the term 'thickness' in hard anodizing does not only include the buildup but the penetration as well.

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