Taking a Bold Step for a Greener Environment with Metal Anodizing

Metal anodizing, an electrochemical process that converts the substrate into a decorative, durable, and corrosion-resistant finish, is one of the top metal finishing processes available today. Its popularity is attributed not only with its ability to meet the practical requirements or use needed by industry but also because of environmental factor - being an environment-friendly process.

There are a number of reasons why metal anodizing provides a significant contribution for the achievement of a cleaner environment.

  • It's a water-based process that uses no VOCs or volatile organic compounds/chemicals that are emitted as gases from solids or liquids, where some of these gases can have an adverse effect to human health and environment.
  • It uses no vehicle solvents, no carrier resins, and no halogenated hyhdrocarbons or similar toxic, which are common to some other metal finishing processes
  • Most anodizing is facilitated without generation of hazardous wastes; and, in many cases, aluminum-rich anodizing wastes are environmentally valuable in removing pollutants and settling solids in domestic sewage treatment processes.
  • Since the anodic coating is generated from the base substrate, it has essentially the same constituents as the aluminum; the surface builds from the substrate is an ultra-thin, non-toxic aluminum oxide.
  • When it comes to recyclability, anodizing is on top of its game as there is no intermediate processing needed for anodized metal to reenter the recycle chain as opposed to thicker organic or plated metallic coatings. For instance, metal anodizing companies recycle phosphoric and sulfuric acids.
  • Other materials used in anodizing process are also recycled like oil filters, cleaning solvents, cardboard cores, fluorescent lights, among others.

With the above advantages, metal anodizing process, indeed, provides an important avenue towards the attainment of a greener environment, while industrial goals are not compromised. Please feel free to reach out to GMP Plating, Our specialists can help you make the right choice for your metal finish applications.

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