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Metal plating is often perceived by many as an industrial activity that contributes to worsening of the environment. The use of chemicals believed to be harmful for surroundings has raised global environmental concerns. This is why this particular industry segment is encouraged to be more systematic in manufacturing and operational processes so to help for environmental preservation campaign.


While there are still lots of companies in the metal plating industry that are still to establish a clear platform for a more environment-friendly industrial process, here at GMP Plating, Inc., we have been an advocate for the attainment of a cleaner and greener environment. We already have taken the necessary steps for environment protection, preservation. Yes, indeed, we consider this as a ‘milestone’ achievement.


GMP’s green initiatives...

For manufacturing process

Here at GMP, we are committed for continued implementation of manufacturing process that does not compromise the environment. Thus, we strive to always fulfill environmental compliance/requirements:

  • To minimize the risks associated with the releases of manufacturing wastes into the environment, the company sees to it that all of these wastes are pre-treated. Metal plating waste materials are pre-treated – they are not allowed for direct release.
  • To keep updated on the environment compliance established by the government, we keep ourselves well-informed of the policy that metal/manufacturing companies should follow.
  • For a more effective result, we are improving our manufacturing system as often as necessary.


For operational process


With the company’s daily operation, we have carried out the following initiatives to help the environment:

  • We have installed a solar panel on the roof, in our facility, for a more environment-friendly power source - for the company’s daily operation.
  • We have replaced traditional lightings with more energy-efficient bulbs to be able to lessen the company’s energy consumption. With this implementation, the company has reached its target goal on power consumption reduction without hampering the manufacturing processes.
  • We use tablet computers as an alternative to using internal papers for documentations – we save documents in .pdf format. In this way, the company saves from paper consumption; waste disposal is also reduced.


GMP Plating, Inc. is committed to working towards the attainment of a cleaner and greener environment. We continue to work as ‘Green Zinc Plating Company’. To know more about our services – and our processes – contact us today.

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