Environment-friendly Practices Employed by Metal Plating Companies

Many companies are now taking a bold step for a greener environment by integrating environment-friendly programs to their industry processes. This effort of reducing industry disposals, particularly those that are classified as highly hazardous for environment is gaining momentums among metal finishing companies. Many manufactures had adopted programs to reduce wastes, cut down hazardous chemical emission, and paved a solid foundation for sustainable processes.

Many California metal finishing (e.g. zinc metal plating, metal anodizing) companies are following ‘green’ technologies to their various industry processes. If you come to visit GMP Plating today, you will see many efforts on environment-friendly processes are in action:

The use of solar energy for their power needs. Here at GMP Plating, Inc., we had installed solar panels on the roof to harness the energy from the sun not only for the facility’s lighting needs but for running the metal finishing equipment as well.

Recycling. Metal plating companies also implement the recycling of not only the solid wastes but liquid and chemical wastes as well. You might have heard terms like ‘wastewater recycling.’ One specific technological innovation for wastes management is the use of a closed-loop system that recycles ion-laced wastewater – a system that can treat wastewater from multiple sources while also recovering all metal ions and other impurities. Another technology that is used is the dual-loop system, which recycles both wastewater and plating salts.

The use of ‘soft-copy’ alternative.  Many industry information produced on a day-to-day operation do not require hard copies or print outs; so, many manufacturing companies take advantage of using a soft-copy instead.

Continued process improvement. Metal plating companies also are now keen on constant metal plating process improvement. More and more facilities today are constantly monitoring their processes for further refinement, which includes assessment on bath composition, facility modification and upgrades, the use of more environment-friendly chemical substitutes, among others.

GMP Plating holds high quality standard for delivering the final products to our customers. In the same time we also hold a high standard for all the green initiatives to help build a greener and healthier environment.

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