Corrosion Resistant Plating

Corrosion resistant plating is one of the most effective ways of protecting metal material such as iron (or its alloy like steel) from gradual ruining caused by its reaction with the environment. This process is useful most especially for materials intended for outdoor use, wherein the exposure to corrosion agents such as water (moist), oxygen, and other foreign chemical is higher. With this plating process, metalís life is prolonged, can withstand even in highly-corrosive environments and therefore can bring Ďcost-savingí advantage to the industry, while providing high material quality and aesthetics.

Corrosion resistant plating materials

Various corrosion resistant materials are used for metal plating to match the needs of different industries and some of these are the following:

  • Copper alloy - copper is soft and malleable but when alloyed with other materials such as Beryllium, Chromium and Zinc, it produces durable finish. Usually, copper is alloyed with Zinc to form brass. Copper plating is done to enhance the brazing, thermal or electrical conductivity of substrate materials.
  • Gold alloy - is another malleable element but when mixed with other materials such as Copper and Zinc, it can be used in a wide range of applications in the industry. Gold plating is very useful in the manufacture of electronic devices, including its use in many parts in the standard desktop or laptop computer.
  • Nickel-Chromium alloy- provides a hard decorative chrome finish that can withstand corrosive conditions; this process is popular for plating materials used in automobile and motorcycle productions.
  • Nickel phosphorous alloy - used in the electroless Nickel plating, a process that uses an auto-catalytic chemical reaction to deposit a coating onto a wide array of substrates. Aside from corrosion resistance, other notable properties include wear resistance, uniform deposit, and hardness of the metal finish.
  • Zinc alloy - this is used as a sacrificial coating that works effectively to prevent corrosion on steel substrates; one of the most commonly used in many industries because of its proven capability to produce cost-effective finish, with higher level of corrosion protection. Tin Zinc, Zinc Iron, and Zinc Nickel are the most used alloy in the Zinc plating process.

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