Anodizing Company, Anodizing Service Demands

The current rise in the number of businesses looking for an anodizing company reflects the usefulness of anodizing service particularly to the metal industry. This is due to the fact that this process provides desirable solutions to specific metal applications because of the following capabilities:

  • it increases metal corrosion resistance;
  • it improves durability (wear resistance);
  • it provides outputs in various and desirable colors;
  • it significantly decreases metal surface roughness.

Anodizing the process principle

The anodizing process is pretty simple it uses anodizing solution specifically made up of sulfuric acid. The task includes placing of a cathode that is connected to the negative terminal of a voltage source into the solution. Connected to the positive terminal of the voltage source is the aluminum component. Once components have been put in place and the circuit is on, the oxygen in the anodizing solution will be liberated from the water molecules and will combine with the aluminum forming an aluminum oxide metal coating.

Finding the right anodizing company

Finding the right anodizing company can be a challenging task. While there are a number of metal plating service providers in the industry, choosing the one that can give the right quality of service that your company needs is crucial. What should be the deciding factors?

A company that needs this kind of service has to take into account these 3 considerations:

  1. The quality of output
  2. How long the process will take? Some can deliver fast turn-around (within 24 hours)
  3. If the price is right with the kind of service you get?

Again, there are a number of metal plating companies around but few whom offer our level of support are rare. Be sure your company will look at the factors given above to be able to find the most qualified ones and before finally taking any offer.

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