Aluminum Anodizing in San Jose

Aluminum anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process aimed to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of a metal or steel material. The resulting product (aluminum alloy) becomes more resistant to corrosion while having an improved appearance because of higher quality of texture (compared to the untreated) and a variety of colors.

Wondering about the processes involved in Aluminum anodizing?

If you are new to metal industry particularly in metal plating service, you may wonder how the process is being done. The main purpose of anodizing is to protect metal materials by making the outer layer (the surface) much harder than the untreated. (Type II) The process includes making aluminum oxide grow out of the surface which becomes aluminum hydrate that is extremely hard. It gives an anodized layer of about 0.0002 to 0.001 An anodized layer allows the material to be dyed in any color that suits best. (Type III) This is referred to 'hard coat'. The process is done at a much lower temperature and can reach a thickness of about 0.002.

Other benefits of aluminum anodizing

  • anodized metal materials become more durable and therefore will have a longer life-span which is an economic advantage;
  • anodized metals are easy to manage as anodizing can minimize scars, wear from fabrication, and frequent surface dirt cleaning;
  • anodized materials are not hazardous to environment and people since anodizing is a reinforcement of a naturally occurring;

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